Архив российской китаистики, Том III Архив российской китаистики, Том III

Archive of Russian Sinology, Vol. III

Еditor: Dmitriev Sergey
Compilator: Kobzev Artem


Москва, 2016, 856 p.

"Archive of Russian Sinology" – continued non-periodical publication that publishes studies and translations, memoirs and reviews, bibliographies and reference books, manuscripts and archival documents, photographs and other information relevant visual images covering several centuries of the history of Russian Sinology. The first two volumes were published in 2013.
Three parts of vol. III ("Philosophy and Theology", "Politics and History", "Poetry and Prose") contain annotated translations of "Lun-yu" by V.S. Kolokolov (1896-1979) and L.I. Golovacheva (1937- 2011), the Chinese catechism of I. Bichurnin (1777-1853) by S. Lipovtsov (1770-1841), administrative, residential and literary texts by A.I. Sosnitsky (1792-1843), Yuan poetry (san-qu), chapters from the novel of Luo Mao-deng (1596) on the voyage of Zheng He (1371-1434), an essay of Gong Zi-zhen (1792-1841), works about the reforms of 1889 by Liang Qi-chao (1873-1923) and Chen Qiu / Qiao, and copies of Chinese manuscripts and xylographic originals and study the mysteries of Confucius and Confucianism.

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