Бхарат ятра Бхарат ятра

Kashin Valeriy, I. Lapteva

Bharat Yatra

Москва, 2013, 232 p.

This book is an exciting journey, or yatra, into the bright, mysterious and unforgettable land, called Bharat. The book consists of original scientific and popular scientific articles, united with the common subject and written during the last years. The encyclopedic essay includes various information about the country and its people, which might be useful for those who dream about visiting India and going to do this soon. You will know about modern politics of India and the main person to become the next prime-minister Narendra Modi, witness the struggle for the formation of the new states and crucial communal conflicts, provoked by the enemies of India. You will join us visiting the famous Hindu temples in Mathura, Kolkata and Tiruvanantapuram, know about the sacred animals of Hinduism, the symbol of swastika and the story of the great diamonds of Golconda and get into the world of the incredible classical, folk and film dance.