Курды Курды

Nikitin V.


Москва, 1964, 226 p.

Kurdistan - "the country of Kurds" - is not marked on any geographical map. This name refers to the territory of the compact settlement of Kurds in the square of the border regions of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. The essence of the Kurdish issue is the lack of independence and disunity of the Kurdish people.
The strategic position of Kurdistan, divided between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, constantly attracted and continues to attract the attention of the imperialist powers. In the battle for the Middle East, they have systematically tried and are trying to use the national aspirations of the Kurdish people in their own selfish interests. However, the Kurdish national movement as a whole, (despite the extremely difficult conditions in which it develops), is increasingly gaining strength and hardening, and becomes an important player in the Middle East.