Чжан Бинлинь.  Избранные произведения : 1894 – 1913 гг. Чжан Бинлинь. Избранные произведения : 1894 – 1913 гг.

Zhang Binlin. Selected Works : 1894 – 1913

General Editor: Chudodeyev Yu.
Еditor: Chudodeyev Yu.
Editor: Dikarev Andrei
Translator: Nina Kalyuzhnaya
Compilator: Nina Kalyuzhnaya


Москва, 2013, 304 p.

Zhang Binlin (Zhang Taiyan, 1869 – 1936) is an important figure among Chinese thinkers of pre-Xinhai period (Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, Sun Yatsen, and others). His ideological heritage is significant and many-sided. The book is the first commented translation in Russian of Zhang Binlin’s works. It includes his creations written in the end of 19th – beg. of 20th centuries – a period of a keen political fight between the supporters of revolutionary method of social transformations in China and adherents of peaceful reforms. The book gives possibilities to trace contrariety of ideas of Chinese traditionalist scientist who pro forma joined revolutionary forces, but in fact retained anti-Manchu sentiments. Literary language of Zhan Binlin is rather difficult for understanding which was confirmed by his compatriots. That is why comments of Chinese compilers became of serious help to the translator. The publication is supplied with facsimile of Chinese texts.

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