Драмы и фарсы российской китаистики Драмы и фарсы российской китаистики
Драмы и фарсы российской китаистики Драмы и фарсы российской китаистики

Kobzev Artem

Dramas and farces of Russian Sinology

Editor: Nataliya Orlova

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2016, 600 p.

The publication contains articles, reviews, prefaces, obituaries, and interviews. They cover the most common problems, vivid stories and important personalities in the history of four centuries of Russian Sinology. Part 1 (Panoramic Images) provides a general description of Russian Sinology. In particular, the author for the first time clearly shows the dramatic struggle of two lines in it in the 20th century, namely, the classic Sinology and Soviet Chinese studies. This scientific, moral, and political confrontation is considered on concrete examples of polar fates of the prominent Russian scientists. Using archival materials the author throws light upon some dark episodes of 1930 – 1990 period. They concern the desire of their participants to lead the Soviet Sinology, their political commitment and official activities. Part 2 (Portrait Reflections) more specifically describes biographies and scientific achievements of outstanding Russian Sinologists of the 19 – early 21st cent. The book is richly illustrated, often including exclusive materials from archives and private collections. This publication is prepared in conjunction with V.Ts. Golovachyov, R.N. Dyomin, A.D. Dikaryev, V.E. Eremeyev, D.E. Martynov, N.A. Orlova, and Yu.V. Chudodeyev.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Драмы и фарсы российской китаистики