Каддафи.  Хроника убийства Каддафи. Хроника убийства

Egorin Anatoly

Kaddafi. Chronicle of Assassination

Москва, 2013, 368 p.

The book examines the war of the NATO states against Socialist Jamahiriya. At that time Libya was one of the prosperous countries of North Africa, and Muammar Kaddafi was not only a charismatic people’s leader, but the leader of the whole “third world”. Prof. Egorin worked in Libya as a Counsellor in Soviet Embassy in Tripoli in 1974 – 1980 and has an excellent knowledge about this country. The work comprises 13 chapters which describe the events in Libya happened in new century. Among them the decline of Kaddafi’s era, details of his perish, the Libyan people’s tragedy, split of the country in 2012. There is also Conclusion and Epilogue named “The Phenomenon of Kaddafi”, as well as the work by Kaddafi under the title “Escape to Hell”.

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