Воспитание по-японски : 63 правила японских мам Воспитание по-японски : 63 правила японских мам

Areshidze Liana, Krupyanko Ivan, Krupyanko Mikhail

Upbringing in Japanese Style : 63 Rules of Japanese Mummies

Москва, 2014, 232 p.

Japanese culture and mentality in the history of Japan were always influ-enced by specific factors. Among them of great significance were isolated island position of the country, its geographical and climatic conditions that reflected in peculiar relations of Japanese people to each other, to community and even the Motherland. Anyhow, formation of national character was always based on well thought out system on upbringing. This book, the second in the series “Amazing Japan”, analyses peculiarities of this process of upbringing the personality in “Japanese style”, beginning from the early childhood. Personality’s aspects in Japanese history and culture have been more often the object of special research by native Japan experts in last time. Probably, that is because Japanese civilization has a number of special features the acquaintance with which motivates a man to understand their “secrets”. But to know and feel better peculiarities of Japanese character it is necessary to begin with studying “anatomy of personality’s upbringing” and basis of his formation. The authors of the monograph suggest the readers, in the first place, to pay their attention to the fact, that upbringing of Japan citizen consists of a lot of details which finally form capacious notion: “Japanese personality”. The researchers tried to decode specific manner of this personality, secrets of his world outlook and system of values. More over, the book stresses the fact that mentality of Japanese is traditionally founded by the parents from the early childhood and it is in the process of evolution throughout all his life. The book is dedicated to the memory of B.P. Likhachev.

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