Практическая грамматика коптского языка Практическая грамматика коптского языка
Практическая грамматика коптского языка Практическая грамматика коптского языка

Smagina Eugenia

Practical Grammar of Coptic

Москва, 2016, 512 p.

Coptic grammars more than once were published in Russian, to say nothing of numerous grammars in the Western languages. But in Russian there were no study guides, where grammar would be given by the pieces, in a methodological manner, supplied with the exercises to help the students to learn and remember the material. This grammar describes Sahidic Coptic. It is a dialect of Upper Egypt, which became widespread in the early period as the language of the Coptic Church and the language of the most original Coptic literary works. Brief information about other Coptic dialects is also given. Grammar by Th.O. Lambdin formed the basis of the grammatical part of this textbook. But it was greatly revised and expanded during the preparation of the book. Examples and exercises were chosen and compiled by E.B. Smagina. Grammatical part is preceded by a short essay of the Coptic literature. The Supplement consists of the Sahidic Coptic reader including the texts of various genres, general dictionaries, a brief history of Coptic Egypt, chorological table, and selected bibliography. This grammar is meant for those who are beginning to study Coptic and coptology, as well as for the students of other specializations, such as the history, study of art, theology. Therefore grammar is given, as much as it is possible, in a simple form, not supersaturated with linguistic terms. The part of Ancient Egyptian etymologies was edited and enlarged by A.A. Petrova. She also included the demotic graphics.

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