Япония: путь сердца Япония: путь сердца

Tat`yana Grigor`eva

Japan: The Path of the Heart

Москва, 2008, 392 p.

This amazing and symbolic book will be important not only for those interested in Japanese culture, traditions and history, but also for the readers who try to find parallels among Japanese and Russian ideologies and other countries destinies existing now within the frames of rationalism. According to the author’s view, Japan is one of the most cultural nations, not because it remembers ancient texts but because it respects the moral culture. A country may have a highest level of literature, music, philosophy, but its people would not be a cultural nation. If the cultural roots lie in the depth of the history, they cannot disappear. Sooner or later they return to the people what belongs to them. Finally, the Life is what the Japanese worship. The culture is the condition of the Life. The soles of the people die if they find themselves outside the cultural environment.

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