История Иордании. XX век. История Иордании. XX век.

Landa Robert

History of Jordan. XX Century

Институт востоковедения РАН

Москва, 2016, 248 стр.

This monograph includes the history of Jordan State in XX century. This state began to exist in 1921 on the oriental bank of Jordan River and was named Transjordan. The head over the state became emir Abdallah ibn Hussein from Hushimites’ dynasty. The fate of the emirate was closely linked with life of Palestinian Arabs, who played an important role in Transjordan development. After the Second World War Abdallah was proclaimed a King and the emirate transformed in Hushimite Kingdom of Jordan. The author examines consequences of Jordan’s wars, especially six days’ war in 1967, the tragedy of “Black September” in 1970, very hard and complicated situation of Palestine refugees in Jordan and the difficulties of peacemaking in the Near East. The reader will find in the monograph the analysis of the internal life of Jordan Kingdom, its social structure and economical development. In conclusion the author characterizes the role of Jordan in modern Near East and the perspectives of social, cultural and political evolution of the country.

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