Архив российской китаистики. В 2 т. Т. 1. Архив российской китаистики. В 2 т. Т. 1.

Archive of Chinese Studies in Russia. In 2 Vol. Volume 1.

Editor-in-chief: Anatolij Vyatkin
Compilator: Kobzev Artem


Москва, 2013, 583 p.

This is next in turn continued edition which is for the first time in Russia devoted to 300 years history of one of the most advanced native subject – sinology. Within the frames of general topics it represents a collection of texts of maximally wide problem and genre range. Among them – original researches and scientific heritage of the past, educational and informative materials, memoirs and archival documents, reviews and bibliographies, rare illustrations and many other things.
The base of Vol. 1 is the work written by outstanding Russian sinologist V.M. Alexeiv (1881 – 1951) – “Actionable Bibliography of Sinologist” as a fundamental guidance for students of Chinese language and literature. Along with this classical work the book contains articles by acad. B.L. Riftin (1932 – 2012) and A.I. Kobzev, (which fill up Alexeiv’s text with modern information), as well as papers by other Russian and foreign sinologists devoted to a difficult way of Alexeiv’s book to the reader and his role in the history of Chinese studies in Russia.
Vol. 2 includes first published works from the scientific heritage of reputed sinologists: V.S. Spirin, L.I. Golovacheva, V.M. Kryukov, B.L. Riftin, V.S. Manuhin. Chapter “Source studies and historiography of China” highlights fascinating story about penetration of Confucian canon “Great Doctrine” in Russia; unexpected finding, connected with first Russian translation of Chinese philosophy classic Wang Yangming; mysterious posthumous novel by E.A. Torchinov. Chapter “Personalia” is devoted to scientists and practical workers who have made remarkable contribution in Chinese studies in Russia. Chapter “Anniversaries” gives biographical essays and bibliographies of contemporary sinologists: Z.D. Katkova, M.V. Kryukov, S.E. Yahontov, and V.Ts. Golovacheva. Chapter “Reviews” represents opinion of foreign experts about 6-volume encyclopedia “Spiritual Culture of China”.
Both Volumes include extensive bibliography of Chinese studies in Russian, Chinese and West European languages.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Архив российской китаистики. В 2 т. Т. 1.