Современный японский этикет : разнообразие в гармонии Современный японский этикет : разнообразие в гармонии

Areshidze Liana, Krupyanko Ivan, Krupyanko Mikhail

Modern Japanese Etiquette : Variety in Harmony

Москва, 2013, 264 p.

Behavior etiquette as a cultural tradition can be adequately realized only within a common context of national culture knowledge. Japanese culture in its basis is hierarchic, that presumes precise understanding by each member of the society of his place and role and observance of the basic behavior moral. Behavior culture of the Japanese is “a culture of shame” which is opposite to the culture of Europe and America based on “a culture of guilt”. The authors of the monograph about fundamentals of Japanese etiquette managed not only to show, but also explain various sides of Japanese people’s behavior in different life situations, to penetrate into national mentality as integral phenomenon, common to different strata of Japanese society. This book is the first one in the series of publications on a vast theme of Japanese etiquette. It is meant for a wide readership and, probably, in the first place for youth, who sometimes lack the practical knowledge about their behavior towards other people. The book is dedicated to the memory of B.P. Likhachev.

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