Россия и большой Ближний Восток Россия и большой Ближний Восток

Russia and Greater Middle East

Editor-in-chief: Ivanov Igor
General Editor: Naumkin Vitaly
: Aleksandr Aksenenok, Zvyagelskaya Irina, Karasova Tatiana, Kuznetsov Vasily, Veniamin Popov, M. Sapronova, P. Stegnij, Filonik Aleksandr, Shlykov Pavel

Москва, 2013, 52 p.

This report presents the complex analysis of the events taking place today in the Arab world. In some experts’ opinion, the observed changes may represent the first stage of the systemic transformation of the region, which will continue for several more decades. On the one hand, it predetermines such important features of the current situation, as its uncertainty, changeability, and volatility. As a result, it is difficult for external, as well as regional players to predict pace of developments. On the other hand, stabilization has not yet come and the results of “tectonic shift” are unknown. That’s why external players are able to some extent to influence events and sometimes even predict and turn their development to the direction of their own interests. The report is prepared within the frames of the project “The Middle East: political dynamics and Russia’s interests” of Russian Council for International Affairs (RCIA).

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Россия и большой Ближний Восток