Мусульманский ареал к югу от рубежей России (Турция, Иран, Афганистан, Пакистан, этнический Курдистан) Мусульманский ареал к югу от рубежей России (Турция, Иран, Афганистан, Пакистан, этнический Курдистан)

Zaven Arabadzhyan, Belokrenitsky Vyacheslav, Boldyrev Andrei, Il`ya Vedeneev, Vertyaev K., Svetlana Volkova, Dunaeva Elena, Zamaraeva Natalya, Ivanova Inessa, Kameneva Marina, Mamedova Nina, Mitrofanenkova Olga, Tat`yana Mixajlova-Mogil`niczkaya, Nessar Omar, Obukhova Anastasia, Ozmanyan Midiya, Okimbekov Ubaid, Panarina Daria, Mixail Podrezov, Sameulla Pojya, Ruslan Proxorov, Sazhin V., Irina Svistunova, Serenko Irina, Mixail Slinkin, Topychkanov Petr, Ul'chenko Nataliya, Fedorova Irina, Ol`ga Chekrizova


Editor: Belokrenitsky Vyacheslav, Mamedova Nina, Ul'chenko Nataliya

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2023, 552 p.


Section I. Russia and the Muslim Middle East.
V. Y. Belokrenitsky. Russia in the Middle East — main stages of geopolitical evolution (second half of the 19th — first decades of the 21st century).
D. S. Panarina. The concept of “frontier” and its meaning for Russia.
V. I. Sazhin. Entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan in 1979: causes and results.
Z. A. Arabadzhyan. Refl ections on the so-called «Testament of Peter the Great» in connection with the Persian campaign of Peter I.
Section II. Turkey.
N. U. Ulchenko. On the issue of typology of Turkish economic crises
I. I. Ivanova. The 2020 Karabakh War and change in the balance of forces in South Caucasus
S. L. Volkova. Turkey and Tatarstan — trading partners at the present stage
E. A. Vasilyeva. Turkey and Greece: growing “tension” (the beginning of 21st century)
D. V. Rodin. Crisis of the Black Sea straits in the Turkish press (1945–1946).
A. V. Boldyrev. Turkish historians about Soviet- Turkish relations in 1939–1941: Montreux Convention and the beginning of Turkish neutrality.
I. A. Svistunova. On the issue of creation of the «Turkish Orthodox Church» during the formation of the Republic of Turkey
T. E. Mikhailova- Mogilnitskaya. Ottoman reforms of the fi rst half of the 19th century and the birth of a new art (painting)
Section III. Kurdish area
K. V. Vertyaev. Turkish- Syrian border as a source of destabilization of relations between two countries.
I. N. Vedeneev. Operation of the Turkish armed forces against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in northern Iraq (2022).
M. S. Ozmanyan. Creation of the KAR (Kurdish Autonomous Region) and the infl uence of external factors.
Section IV. Iran
E. V. Dunaeva. Protest campaign of 2022 in IRI as a refl ection of the confrontation between traditionalism and modernization.
N. M. Mamedova. Islamic forms of business in modern Iran.
A. N. Obukhova. Largest emitents of the IRI stock market — potential opportunities.
M. S. Kameneva. Where is Iranian culture going? (about some trends of the cultural policy of the cabinet of President E. Raisi)
I. E. Fedorova. Iranian- Turkish relations at present.
M. A. Podrezov. Saudi factor in Iranian foreign policy
A. V. Baranov (Saratov). Iran-Iraq war of 1980–1988 in the concept of «Holy Defense» of Ayatollah Khomeini.
Z. A. Arabadzhyan. Rise of the left movement in Iran during the Second World War (issue of soft power).
Section V. Afghanistan
U. V. Okimbekov. Afghan confl ict and the ethnic factor (1992–2023)
M. O. Nessar. Political management of the Taliban in dynamics (recent period).
M. M. Slinkin. Afghanistan: from militants to regular armed forces.
O. E. Mitrofanenkova. Drug production in Afghanistan after 2021.
S. Poya. State of the Taliban regime and the attitude of international community.
Section VI. Pakistan
N. A. Zamaraeva. Military- civil relations (2018–2022).
O. P. Chekrizova. Status of religious minorities in Pakistan.
I. N. Serenko. Russia-Pakistan Relations in Current Realities of Regional Integration Enhancement.
S. A. Chekalin. Afghan issue in relations between Russia and Pakistan
P. V. Topychkanov. Evolution of Pakistan’s nuclear policy in response to changing regional security challenges.
R. E. Prokhorov. Uighur issue in Pakistani- Chinese relations.
Program of the XIII Conference of the Center for the Studies of the Near and Middle Eastern Countries, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (November 2022) .

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Мусульманский ареал к югу от рубежей России (Турция, Иран, Афганистан, Пакистан, этнический Курдистан)