Этнокультурная адаптация населения Южной Сибири (современный период) Этнокультурная адаптация населения Южной Сибири (современный период)

Anayban Zoya, Svetlana Tyuxteneva

Ethnocultural Adaptation of the South Siberia Peoples (Modern Period)

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2008, 217 p.

The authors of this book analyse peculiarities of the modern behaviour adaptation of inhabitants in Altai Republic and Tuva Republic to the transformations in cultural sphere. Special attention is paid to the problem of preservation by Siberian peoples of their ethnic features in modern time, their appeal to the sources and elements of traditional national culture, religious beliefs. The monograph is based on the results of ethnosociological researches, wide range of statistical data as well as on field investigations made by the authors themselves. The work has been written within the framework of the Program of RAS fundamental researches, namely, the project “Adaptation of peoples and cultures to the changes of natural environment, social and anthropogenic transformations”. The book is of interest to scientific circles, politicians, experts-practitioners engaged in regional problems of ethnocultural development in the Russian Federation.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Этнокультурная адаптация населения Южной Сибири (современный период)