al-Muwailihi Muhammad

The Story of Isa Ibn Hisham, or Period of Time

Editor-in-chief: Kudelin Aleksandr
Editor: Kirpichenko Valeria

Институт востоковедения РАН

Москва, 2013, 305 стр.

“The Story of Isa Ibn Hisham, or Period of Time” by Muhammad al-Muwailihi (1858 – 1930) is the most lucid creation of Egyptian educational prose which is actual in our days. Having been written in Arabic mediaeval style of makama, “The Story” embraces the features of modern European novel, publicistic article, and dramatic play. That makes it the most important element in the chain of transformations of classic Arabic prose into new forms adopted from Western literature. The description of the way of life segment of “The Story of Isa Ibn Hisham” greatly influenced the creations by Egyptian prosaists-rejuvenators of the 20th years, who solved the problems of national realistic literature formation. For a wide readership.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Рассказ Исы ибн Хишама, или Период времени