2300 год: глобальные проблемы и Россия 2300 год: глобальные проблемы и Россия

Akimov Alexander

2300: Global Problems and Russia

Еditor: Nelli Xryashheva

Москва, 2008, 256 p.

The book describes the methods of prognostication of population quantity devised by the researcher in the 70s and verified by the prognosis for 2000. The size of world population up to 2300 has been forecasted on the basis of these methods. Resources limitations of economic and demographic development and some social consequences of the changes in World population were considered as well. In the light of globalisation the scholar analyses the after-effects of population growth and its unevenness in different countries, which in future may become a threat for European civilisation. Possibilities of Russia to participate in division of labour as an exporter of fuel, electric power, and foodstuffs are also elabo-rated in this work. The book has a supplement on CD which contains the copy of the size of population forecast for 2000 fulfilled according to the method of changes of the regimes of demographic development. This was scanned from pre-print by A.V. Akimov and Yu.G. Lipets “Operational description of demographic transfer for the prognosis of the number of peo-ple dynamics”, published by the Central Economic and Mathematical Institute (the USSR Academy of Sciences) in 1980. Tables of the size of population from 2005 till 2300 by 5-year intervals and for 45 countries and regions are also in-cluded.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: 2300 год: глобальные проблемы и Россия