Исламская экономика Ирана: теория и практика Исламская экономика Ирана: теория и практика

Mamedova Nina

Islamic economy of Iran: theory and practice: monograph

Еditor: Belokrenitsky Vyacheslav
Reviewer: Zaven Arabadzhyan, Masumova Nigyar

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2022, 324 p.

The form-shaping features relating to a new social-economic development model set up following the Islamic revolution in Iran are being scrutinized in the monograph. Regarding the structure of authority, the author attempts to identify the factors having allowed the clergy to maintain the power amid the complex domestic political environment and an external pressure, including the severe international sanction’s introduction, which has become in fact an economic war against the Islamic regime.
The research paper provides a thorough analysis of Iran’s economic policy’s ideological and legislative background. Both the characteristic of national governments’ economic courses along with their compliance with Islamic principles and constitutional bases, and their initiatives to go beyond the religious dictates are considered in the monograph. Furthermore, the international sanctions policy towards Iran and its impact evaluation in respect to the national economic policy is reviewed. The author particularly highlights the analysis of domestic business models,
including sinfs, waqfs and Islamic funds – bonyads, which operations have been slightly surveyed in Russia’s Iranian studies.

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