Что такое Африка Что такое Африка
Что такое Африка Что такое Африка

Arkhangelskaya Aleksandra, Bababev Kirill

What is Africa?

Москва, 2015, 408 p.

The book is a popular science description of the most captivating aspects of studying Africa – its nature and the animal world, the peoples and languages, religions and cultures, art and architecture. The authors are famous scientists specializing in African studies. In simple and easily understandable terms, they talk about the most intriguing mysteries of the Dark Continent, the amazing customs of the peoples of Africa, and the little-known pages of their history. The book presents the unique authors’ material. Its stylistics and coverage of information has no analogues in modern Russian-language literature. The book will undoubtedly play an important role in popularizing the manifold knowledge about the African continent and its inhabitants, accumulated thus far. Thereby it may also serve to restore scientific interest in the problems of Africa that has largely waned in our days. The book is meant for a wide range of readers who are interested in studying the world around us, as well as for students and senior school pupils.


Modern Age
Peoples and languages
Africans’ daily life
Translations of texts from African languages

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