Российское монголоведение. Бюллетень VI Российское монголоведение. Бюллетень VI

Mongol Studies in Russia. Bulletin VI

Еditor: Grayvoronsky Vladimir
Compilator: Orlova Keemia

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2012, 282 p.

This regular Bulletin VI is devoted to priority trends in Mongol studies in Russia. Its aim is aquainting the readers with the latest investigations of the orientologists and scientific activities of Mongol studies centers in Russia. The authors of this collection of articles are mainly leading experts in Russian Oriental studies. The papers are written in the mainstream of scientific priorities of modern Mongol studies. They reflect the importance of historical and cultural problems of Mongol-speaking peoples and are significant for pure scientific and global historical applied spheres.
The book consists of six Parts.
Part I. Centers of Mongol studies in Russia.
Part II. History and Philology.
Part III. Russian orientologists and Mongolists.
Part IV. To the memory of the researchers.
Part V. Bibliography.

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