Лазаревские чтения. Вып. 1 Лазаревские чтения. Вып. 1
Лазаревские чтения. Вып. 1 Лазаревские чтения. Вып. 1

Lazarevskiye Chteniya. Issue I

Еditor: Zhigalina Olga

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2012, 256 p.

The collected articles is prepared academic edition devoted to the 80th anniversary of well-known russian Historian and Kurdologist Doctor of Histo-ry, Professor M. S. Lazarev. To a marked degree it consists from unpublished essays of M. S. Lazarev on Theory and Methodology of the Kurdish nationalism. He worked over them up to his latest days.
This edition also consists from the articles of collaborators of the sector of Kurdology headed by M. S. Lazarev, of his disciples and also of young kurdologists that articles on the vital aspects of Kurdish question. These ar-ticles reflect the principal directions of the creative activity of M. S. Lazarev: theory of nationalism (K. V. Vertjaev), history of the Kurds and Kurdisran (O. I. Zhigalina, T. Abak), the contemporary situation of ethnical Kurdistan (S. M. Ivanov), regional international aspects if the Kurdish problem (N. S. Mosaki, I. A. Svistunova), social and economic situation of Iraqien Kurdistan (G. I. Starchenkov, I. A. Kuznesova), history of Kurdish press (Enen) and religion of the Kurds (Ch. Omarchali).

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