Постколониальные конфликты в странах Океании Постколониальные конфликты в странах Океании

Pale Sofia

Post-Colonial Conflicts in the Countries of Oceania

Еditor: Nikolaev Valery

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2012, 180 p.

The book is devoted to ethnopolitical conflicts spread in the new independent states of Oceania with their plural national structure in transition period of development. In the first chapter of the monograph the author examines the racial confrontation in New Caledonia. The second chapter deals with the series of nationalistic coups in Fiji. The third chapter shows a sharp armed ethno political conflict in Solomon Islands. The author pays special attention to the influence of intermediaries on the methods of conflicts settlement. Australia, New Zealand, France, Great Britain act as international intermediaries. All of them are regional leaders and donors of the countries of Oceania under consideration.

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