Религия и общество на Востоке. Выпуск IV Религия и общество на Востоке. Выпуск IV

Religion and Society in the East. Issue IV

Editor-in-chief: Sarabyev Alexey

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2020

DOI 10.31696/2542-1530-2020-4

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TO READERS, or On the Relationship of Religious Politics and Religion...10
Politics and the church
Alexander YAKOVLEV. The Crisis in Relations Between the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchates in the Context of World Politics of the XX – XXI centuries...26
Aleksei SARABIEV. Russian Influence on Middle Eastern Church Affairs: 120 years ago...67
From religious consciousness to religious politics
Grigory KOSACH. Russian “Islamic” Diplomacy: Organization of Islamic Cooperation...96
Igor SLEDZEVSKY. The Struggle for True Faith: Religious Revolution in Black Africa...127
Philip STEWART. Peacekeeping in Israel: Towards an Open Society in Sustainable Democracy...162
Nafise VAEZ. The Impact of Pilgrimage Trips on Iran’s Regional Policy and Its Relations with Renewed Iraq...184
Religious radicalism in the countries of the east
Alexey DRUGOV. Muslim Radicalism and Terrorism in Modern Indonesia...230
Ex principiis / From sources
One Informant Report (1920) on the Situation in Turkey Publication of an archival document, foreword and comments by Aleksei SARABIEV...255
about authors...287
in the past issues...297

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