Энергетика КНР в мирохозяйственном контексте Энергетика КНР в мирохозяйственном контексте

Tomberg Igor

Chinese Energetics in the World Economic Context

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2013, 160 p.

The author analyses external economic ties of China and its expansion in world energetics, being relatively new phenomena, which reveals geopoliti-cal and economic priorities of Peking. The researcher also considers the interrelation between economic growth and power consumption in modern China, prognoses and defines mega trends of internal economic develop-ment of the country. The fact that China’s economy is structurally and strategically different from other countries and at the same time changes fundamentally the world economy. Taking all of this into account the author comes to the important conclusion that from methodological point of view the most widespread mistake is that the forecasts of China’s mega-economy are made on the basis of the approaches, which the country in fact deflates. It is quite vivid that transformation to a new economic model in China will be rather specific.

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