Восточная аналитика. Ежегодник 2014 Восточная аналитика. Ежегодник 2014

Eastern Analytics. Annual 2014

Еditor: Akimov Alexander

Москва, 2015, 182 p.

Eastern Analytics (Annual) is a continued edition of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS, starting in 2010. However, it was decided to publish quarterly issues from 2015 onwards. Eastern Analytics is still focused on the analysis of economic, social and political processes in the modern East. A significant change is that now every issue includes not only Russian-language texts of the articles, but also their translations into English. This Issue of the almanac touches upon such topics as: world population forecast up to 2050 and labour saving technologies; development of agriculture in the world up to 2050; investment in developing countries; transnationals from Asian Countries.

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