Россия и Иран : история формирования границ Россия и Иран : история формирования границ

Dunaeva Elena, Lyudmila Kulagina

The history of the Russian-Iranian border delimitation

Москва, 2007, 184 p.

The presented monograph is dedicated to the problem of the Russian-Iranian border delimitation. The study consists of two parts. In the first one the author analyses stage by stage the process of rapprochement of the territories of two states as a result of wars, contacts and conventions.

Great attention is given to the problem of annexation of Transcaucasian and Central Asian territories to the Russian Empire. It is marked that most princedoms voluntarily admitted Russian citizenship, as a result the Russian Empire and Iran became neighbours. Bu the 20th century the common border line was defined.

The author In the second part of the monograph studies the process of border delimitation and the settlement of all problems that have remained unsolved since the end of the 19th century, after the breakdown of the Soviet Union Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran found themselves separated from each other by a number of independent states. The Caspian sea lane remained the only route of communication between these two countries. Both states make every effort to work out the legal status of the sea to save their strategic position in this region, to prevent the development of the continual tendencies and the increasing influence of the Western states.

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