Судьба морисков Судьба морисков
Судьба морисков Судьба морисков

Landa Robert

Destiny of Moriscos

Еditor: Naumkin Vitaly, Emanuilov Rahaim

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2013, 399 p.

Moriscos are Spanish Muslims who became forcibly baptized Christians. But even after that they followed their customs and way of life and finally were expelled. Successors of Al-Andalus civilization, Moriscos, introduced its achievements in the states of Maghreb and Arab East. They also influenced the way of life and culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. They made a great contribution in the development of Mediterranean commonwealth idea. In Europe, Africa and Asia the Moriscos introduced the civilization of Al-Andalus, which had common features with the West and East cultures.

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