Мир поэта — мир поэзии. Статьи и эссе Мир поэта — мир поэзии. Статьи и эссе

Prigarina Natalya

The World of Poet – The World of Poetry. Articles and Essays

Еditor: Suvorova Anna

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2011, 352 p.

The collection of articles is the result of a long-term activities of a well-known orientalist – Prof. N.I. Prigarina – in the sphere of literature studies. The articles and essays are devoted to the history, poetics, stylistics, theoretical problems of literature; the role of religious and philosophical doctrines in poetic discourse of classical Persian, Urdu and Persian-language literature. The world of a poet appears in the book in completeness and unity of artistic and religious, and philosophical sources which are so substantial for Islamic culture. The creations of great poets – Hafiz, Rumi, Amir Hosrov, Djami, Ghaleb, Iqbal – are analysed in the light of classical literature traditions of the East and significance of their poetry for world literature. The world of poetry embraces a vast region – from Asia Minor, Iran and Central Asia to Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. The work is meant for experts in Iranian and Indian studies as well as for a wide readership interested in poetry, Islam, Sufism, and Oriental philosophy.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Мир поэта — мир поэзии. Статьи и эссе