Мировоззрение ислама Мировоззрение ислама
Мировоззрение ислама Мировоззрение ислама

Murata Satiko, Chittick William

The Vision of Islam

Еditor: Prigarina Natalya
Translator: Prigarina Natalya, Schetchikova Tatiana

Москва, 2014, 640 p.

This book is the result of 30-years lecturer’s activity of the most prominent orientalists of modern time – Sachiko Murata and William Chittick. Their classical work which is for the first time presented to our readers is distinguished by its systematic genesis research, articles of faith, ideology, axiology and eschatology of Islam. Religious practice and monotheism are considered. Koran and tradition (Mohammed Sunnah), mission of God’s elect – prophets and messengers, Islamic perspective in relation to other religions, life, death and immortality, Judgment Day are examined too. Self-consciousness of Islam, theological, philosophical and mystical trends in it, Muslim ethics and aesthetics, apprehension of history and modern situation in self-concepts of Islam are under consideration too. “The Vision of Islam” focuses on fastidious European reader who expects logical and distinct explanation of described doctrinal system. The book is acknowledged as one of the world’s best introduction to Islamic spirituality. It is translated into Turkish, Persian, Albanian, and Urdu.

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