Арабский мир на перепутье (революция против экономики). Арабский мир на перепутье (революция против экономики).

Zambua Qasem Mahmud, Rudenko Lyudmila, Filonik Aleksandr

Arab World at the Crossroads (Revolution Against Economy).

Москва, 2014, 108 p.

This collective work is devoted to a group of Arab states which were touched to a large extent by protest actions and experienced shell-shock caused by the fall of the ruling regimes and major deterioration in living conditions. Economic and social situation indicators of these countries have a vivid tendency to decrease which will develop in two directions: horizontally – meaning the compression of economic activity scale and vertically – along the line of the reduction of efficiency of production and deterioration of reproduction quality mechanisms. Such scenario is inevitable as a result of the circumstances appeared among other things, after Arab revolutions. The consequences of such dynamics are most probably real, and if they take place, some uncertainty of the situation and additional tensions in corresponding socium can be expected.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Арабский мир на перепутье (революция против экономики).