Новое в согдийской этимологии Новое в согдийской этимологии

Yakubovich Ilya

The New in Sogdian Etymology

Еditor: Burlak Svetlana

Москва, 2013, 240 p.

This monograph consists of three parts and features new data on the history of the Sogdian language, which was an international language of the Silk Road. In the first part the author offers etymologies for a number of Sogdian lexemes whose origin has not been known. The second part is devoted to the evolution of Aramaic elements in the Sogdian language. The third part contains the publication of two unique documents, viz. a letter to Sogdian prince Devashtich from an Arab emir and a marriage contract between a Turk and a Sogdian princess. The monograph is meant for experts in Iranian and Indo-European studies, historians of Central Asia, and specialists in language contacts.

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