Япония 2015. Ежегодник Япония 2015. Ежегодник

Japan 2015. Annual

Editor-in-chief: Streltsov Dmitry

Москва, 2015, 349 p.

The various aspects of foreign policy problems of modern Japan, including its policy towards the countries of Northeast Asia and Russia as well as characteristic features of Japan’s soft power in Central Asia are in the focus of this issue (Vol. 44). Traditionally, much attention is paid to economy, history and culture. The work consists of the following parts: Domestic and Foreign Policy, Economy and Society, History, Culture, Test of the Pen, Special Theme of Issue. The part Test of the Pen is included in the edition for the first time. The works of entry-level Japanologists are published in it. A special part deals with the issues of identity of Japan and Russia in historical retrospective. The book includes the information about the authors and Summary to each article. The edition has been published since 1972.

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