India : From Untouchables to Dalits India : From Untouchables to Dalits

Eugenia Yurlova

India : From Untouchables to Dalits

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2003, 394 pages

ISBN: 5-89282-217-6

The book deals with one of the unique and acute problems of India – the life of the former Untouchables and their struggle for social equality. It consists of series of essays on the history, ideology and politics of a huge community, numbering more than 160 million people, who have for centuries been victims of caste discrimination and social oppression based on descent and occupation. It is the story of a people who suffered endlessly because of caste discrimination, and more often than not failed in their endeavor to attain equality. Even after India became independent they are still struggling to get rid of the shameful legacy of untouchability.