Республика Татарстан: этапы становления Республика Татарстан: этапы становления
Республика Татарстан: этапы становления Республика Татарстан: этапы становления

Sudyin Andrei

The Republic of Tatarstan : Periods of Emerging

Еditor: Perepelkin Lev

Центр стратегической конъюнктуры

Москва, 2015, 160 p.

Tatarstan is one of the largest national republics of the Russian Federation and its only subject, whose relations with the federal center are based on special treaty. In this book the principal landmarks of Tatarstan’s emerging and development are reviewed. Chapter 1 is used by the author to show a short history of the pre-Soviet and then the Soviet Tatarstan, as well as the history of the Tatar people itself, i.e. its ethnogenesis and anthropology. Chapter 2 deals with the 90s being the span when the origins of the Republic of Tatarstan have been put to place. Chapter 3 analyses the modern age of the country, as Tatarstan has acquired its worthy and dignity-felt status among the most advanced parties to the Russian Federation for a good measure. The finalizing part of the paper takes into consideration the very foundation of the national Tatar ideology and its impact on the political development of the post-Soviet Tatarstan. The large amount of investments and the well-balanced policy of the regional authorities assured a number of significant achievements which Tatarstan could secure in the field of economy. So currently this is one of the most prosperous and socially well to do regions of the Russian Federation. The book is provided with Supplements which contain official documents of Tatarstan and ideological bases of Tatarian national movement.

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