Словарь географических названий республики Корея: справочное пособие Словарь географических названий республики Корея: справочное пособие

Kontsevich Lev

Dictionary of Place Names of the Republic of Korea: A Reference Book.

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, ,

Москва, 2018, 733 p.

The published dictionary is an important reference work of the normative type for geographical maps of the Russian Federation (where for more than 40 years adopted transcription system, developed by the author of the dictionary and used in the edition of the "Dictionary of Geographical Names of Korea" in 1973, which was compiled by Galina Tikhonova and Yakov Miropolsky under our editorship), print and electronic products, as well as the media. It establishes a single standard writing of Korean geographical names of the southern half of the Korean peninsula in the midst of the chaos in this area to a large extent caused by the introduction of so called "the Revised Romanization" in the Republic of Korea in 2000, and inability to use laypersons for the Korean language. The dictionary covers almost all administrative-territorial units (except for small villages), most physical-geographical objects (islands, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, springs, etc.), as well as toponyms related to the transport network of the country, some cultural and historical sites, etc. For each geographical name gives a brief description and a modem localization. All data are checked by Song Ji-hoon and the editor Oh Dong-geon for the latest South Korean and international sources. Names in the form of tables are provided in forms: Russian (broad transcription, so-called "Kontsevich sj'stem" since l970's), Korean, Chinese hieroglyphics and two Latin systems ("Revised Romanization 2000" and the traditional system of MacCunc-Reischauer 1939). In the introductory part of the dictionary provides detail information on transcription and rcgulation of transfer of Korean names in Russian, with the application of indeces of the Korean geographical nomenclature. Maps-schemes of provinces and cities of the Republic of Korea are concluded the Part A of the dictionary. At the end of the dictionary placed index alphabetical indeces to the Administrative Division (in Cyrillic, Korcan alphabet and two Latin transcriptions). All indeces are compiled by Song Ji-hoon. Also added a section on Russian and Western European names on old maps of Korea and References.
Dictionary as a normative reference manual intended for cartof'raphers, geographers, orientalists, primarily Korcanologists, workers of publishing house and mass media.


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