Вооруженное восстание в Монголии в 1932 г. Вооруженное восстание в Монголии в 1932 г.
Вооруженное восстание в Монголии в 1932 г. Вооруженное восстание в Монголии в 1932 г.

Kuzmin Sergius, Oyuunchimeg Jugdernamjilyn

Armed Rebellion in Mongolia in the Year 1932

Москва, 2015, 212 p.

The rebellion of 1932 was largest in the 20th Century Mongolia. What were causes behind it? Who supported the rebels and supplied them? Why the rebellion was suppressed? Study of formerly unknown Russian archives combined with formerly published and unpublished Mongolian materials allowed to answer these questions. Former conclusions that the 1932 uprising was a revolt of highest lamas and feudal lords, that Tibet used the Panchen Lama interfered in affairs of Mongolia, that the rebels were supported by the Japanese, and that the rebels were acting on instructions from abroad or received foreign help are not supported by facts and archival data. The documents show that they were forced to rely only on their own facilities. The "left course" of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) at the time, resulted from the export of socialism, which involved the CPSU(b) and the Comintern, caused the rebellion in defense of the Buddhist religion and the theocratic system. It resulted in the danger of loss of the state power by MPRP. As a result, the "left course" was replaced by the "new course", again on Joseph Stalin's instructions. The transition to a "new course" was accompanied by the suppression of the uprising. It was suppressed by Mongolian and not Soviet troops. At the same time, this would be impossible without the supply of weapons, ammunition and equipment, as well as direct involvement of military advisers from the Soviet Union. The rebellion was directed from abroad. On the opposite, its suppression was possible only with foreign aid. The book provides reconstruction of the rebellion and its suppression. It contains unique photographs, as well as copies of some Soviet archival documents.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Вооруженное восстание в Монголии в 1932 г.