Катар : три столпа роста (социально-экономический очерк) Катар : три столпа роста (социально-экономический очерк)
Катар : три столпа роста (социально-экономический очерк) Катар : три столпа роста (социально-экономический очерк)

Isaev Vladimir, Filonik Aleksandr

Qatar : Tree Pillars of Development (Socio-Economic Essay)

Еditor: Seyranyan Bagrat

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2015, 320 p.

The monograph is an analytical research of Qatar economy which is considered as an objective factor of Qatar statehood strengthening and further development of the country on the path of nation building. The authors show how small Arab monarchy of Persian Gulf managed to create highly efficient reproductive mechanism. The researchers analysed economic growth strategy which determined colossal outrunning development of infrastructure. This process allowed putting branch objects in the same raw with traditional source of profit – gas production. It also helped to involve agriculture in common stream of Social and technical progress. The book takes into consideration globalization of world economy, taking place in modern world. It contains a lot of important estimations and conclusions, which may be of practical use for foreign trade institutions, Russian businessmen, interested in developing their economic partnership with Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. The book may also be useful for studying specialized disciplines in educational institutions.

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