Трансформации музеев-библиотек-архивов и информационное обеспечение исторической науки в информационном обществе Трансформации музеев-библиотек-архивов и информационное обеспечение исторической науки в информационном обществе

Transformations of museums-libraries-archives and information support of historical science in the information society

A collection of articles on the materials of the scientific-practical seminar. INION RAS, February 21, 2017

Еditor: Zaitsev Ilya
Author-compilator: E. Voronczova

Москва, 2017, 320 p.


Akasheva A. A Change of Requests of the Professional Community of Historians
to Online Resources of Libraries from 1996 to 2016 (on the example of The State
Public Historical Library of Russia) ... 9
Antopolsky A.B. Integration of Information Systems of Scientific Communication:
Logic and Linguistic Aspects... 18
Glinnikova S.V. Peculiarities of Bibliographing Military M em oirs... 34
Gosina L.l. Old Natural Science Book as a Source of Information
and a Museum E xhibit... 42
Efremenko D. V. Dilemmas of the Development of Multifunctional Centers
of Scientific Information in the Institutional Environment of Russian Science...53
Zaitsev I.V. Electronic Resource Manuscripta Islamica Rossica is an Open Library
of Manuscripts in Arabic, Persian and Turkic languages from the Collections
of the Russian Federation.... 60
Kuzybaeva M.P. Cataloging of Medical Collections as a Form of Representation
of Scientific Knowledge and Preservation of Historical Memory .... 63
LevnerM.V. About Some Results of Digitization of Rare Books
From the Library for Natural Sciences (LNS) of the R A S... 71
Ljubin V.P Websites of Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
as a Sample of Presentation Archive and Library Works on the In tern et... 76
Minakov S.T. Books and Libraries of the Military Elite of the Second Half
of the 17th - 18th Centuries .....85
Nemchinov V.M. Reflection of the Picture of the World
in Museum-Library-Archive and the Issue of Veracity in the Intellectual Production
of Historical Science... 103
Nikonova A.A. Museum Item and /or the Exhibit: to the Problem
of Museum Heuristics..... 111
Opredelenov V.V. Digital Transformation & Memory Institutions
(actual it trends in culture) ...121
PanasyukN.V. Information Potential of Artefacts: the Role
in Historical Education... 132
Paneyah A. V., Teryukova E.A. Material, Book and Documentary Collections
of the State Museum of the History of Religion as a Data Resource for the Study
of History of Religion and the History of Religious Studies in Russia... 139
Pechenin I.V. Profile (Historical) Library Acquisition on the Modern Stage
of Historical Science Development: Problems and Decisions...150
Rechetnikov N.I. A Historical Authenticity and Extracting Reliable
Information from Museum O bjects.... 157
Rubinina Z.M. Problem of Recearchers Access to Histirical Sources - Sources
of Information of the Museum Collection (on the example of work with the photography
collection of the department of the meeting of the V.I. LENIN Museum
of the State Historical Museum) .... 167
Ryabova V.I. Materials on Geographical Expeditions of the 18th—19 th Centuries
in the Collection of Rare Books of the Library on Natural Sciences of the Russian
Academy of Sciences as a Source of Information for Historical Science.... 174
Sidorenko L.Yu. Library of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation:
the Creation of a Triune Documentary Model of the History of the Theater.... 185
Sokolova N.Yu. Institutions of Social Memory as the Elements
of the Infrastructure of Science in the Information Society
(on the Example of Historical Science) .... 190
Sudovikov M.S. Interaction of Local Lore Museum with Libraries and Archives
in Representation of Historical and Literature Heritage of the Region ...200
Sukina L.B. Electronic Publications of the Results of Scientific
Research Projects and Museums Conferences and Their Role in Informational
Support of Historical Science .... 205
Tarumova N.T. Presentation of the Objects of National Cultural Heritage
in the Internet: Context of Museum Practices .... 213
Truevtseva O.N. Systematization of Funds in Provincial Museum under
the Conditions of Forming a Single Information and Communication Space... 223
Khorkhordina T.I. Archives and Information Support of Historical Science:
the Humanitarian Strategy of the Communicative Function of Archives... 228
Thibizova I.M. Historian and Library: Continuity and Discontinuity
in Their Mutial Relations: Continuing the Theme .... 243
Cherkaeva O.E. Information Support for the Exhibition Activities of Museums:
on the Content of the Concept ... 249
Shelestyuk K.N. Archives of V.P. Kaznacheev meber
of the RAS and RAMS as a source of information on the history
of medical science and education in Siberia...258
Project «Role of Museums - Libraries - Archives in Information Support
of Historical Science»
Vorontsova E.A. Project «Role of Museums - Libraries - Archives in Information
Support of Historical Science»: Results and Prospects .... 265
Presentation of the P roject..... 276
Programs of Events Carried Out during the Project .... 277
About the Authors.... 314

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