Япония в Азии: параметры сотрудничества Япония в Азии: параметры сотрудничества

Japan in Asia: Parameters of Cooperation

General Editor: Molodyakova Elgena

Москва, 2013, 312 p.

This book written by Russian scholars of different generations analyses the situation in Japan in quickly changing world of Great East Asia. It also considers historical background, modern state and perspectives of relations with region countries. The problems touched upon in this work are: return to power of Liberal Democrats in Tokyo and their plan of “coming back to Asia” having in view the same intentions of the USA and growing force of China; development of Japanese investments in ASEAN states and diversification of official help to development; elaboration of agreements on free trade and discussions on Trans-Pacific partnership, the role of “soft force” and mass media in these processes. Due to the importance and relevance of the researched theme the book has not only academic, but also applied significance for a wide range of specialists.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Япония в Азии: параметры сотрудничества