Глобализация японского промышленного производства. Глобализация японского промышленного производства.

Lebedeva Irina

Globalizatison of Japanese Manufacturing

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2012, 222 p.

Dr. I. Lebedeva analyses different aspects of the process of globalization of Japanese manufacturing. The book consists of two parts.
First part – The national manufacturing under globalization – is devoted to the analysis of the influence of more and more wide and deep involvement of Japanese corporations in the process of globalization on the state of national manufacturing. The author shows the scale of this process, examines the links between national enterprises and overseas affiliates, distinguishes the challenges, which Japanese corporations are facing in the process of globalization (including the problems which they are facing when try to apply at overseas affiliates their famous management system).
In the second part – The overseas production bases of Japanese
companies – the author analyses the process of development and the distinguishing features of three main overseas production bases – in USA, Europe and East Asia. The author came to the conclusion, that while the production bases in the United States and European countries integrate more and more into the national economies of these countries, the base in East Asia shows the different way of development, namely the deepening of the division of labor, the forming of close production cooperation between Japanese and East-Asian enterprises. In the last years economic ties between Japan and East Asian countries have acquired the scales and quality, which give author the grounds to say that they are entering into a new stage. This stage could be characterized as a stage of building within the framework of the whole region a system of effective production cooperation, optimal production location with the allowance
of comparative competitive advantages of every country.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Глобализация японского промышленного производства.