Уоркыха: история одной девушки: повесть Уоркыха: история одной девушки: повесть

"Werkeha" (novel)

Translator: Gutgarts Yaroslav


Москва, 2019, 127 p.

Russian translation of one of the pearls of the Tigrinya literature, the novel «Werkeha» by the prominent Eritrean writer Musa Aron. Translated by semitologist Yaroslav Gutgarts. It is accompanied by a preface that includes biography and bibliography of the author, as well as the footnotes.
The edition is oriented to a wide readership – lovers of fiction and specialists of different types: Abyssinian studies researchers, Africanists, Orientalists, literary critics and anyone interested in Eritrean and Ethiopian literature and, in general, African literature and Africa.
This is the first Tigrinya literary work translation into Russian. It is intended for an adult reader.

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