Япония в поисках новой глобальной роли Япония в поисках новой глобальной роли

Japan in search of a new global role

General Editor: Streltsov Dmitry

Москва, 2014, 303 p.

The project addresses the priorities of Japan's foreign policy after the return to power of the Liberal Democratic Party in December 2012. The authors tried to answer the question, what is the response of Japan to external challenges and what are the contours of the new global role of Japan in the changing the paradigm of the modern world. A special place in the book is given to Japan’s policy in the sphere of military security, including its response to the growing Chinese military, political and economic might. Great attention is drawn to humanitarian and economic aspects of Japan’s diplomacy, including the problems of soft power, the peculiarities of the Japan’s climate policy after Fukushima, the new accents in the investment policy of Japan towards Asia. In the sections over bilateral relations of Japan with its key partners - China, South Korea and Russia, the emphasis was placed on the most high-profile issues, including territorial issues and the problems of the historical past. The project addresses a wide audience of readers interested in the political development of modern Japan.

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