Russia, China and Mongoia : All Together Against the Challenges of the Modern Time. Proceedings of the Third International Scientific Forum (Moscow, June 9 – 10, 2011).

Editor-in-chief: Elena Bojkova
Editor: Aleksandr Voronczov, Vladimir Grayvoronsky

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2013, 224 pages

ISBN: 978-5-89282-562-7

The collection of articles compiles the papers by Russian, Chinese and Mongolian researchers – participants of the Third International Scientific Forum devoted to different aspects of bilateral and many-sided cooperation of Russia, China and Mongolia in North-Eastern Asia region at the modern stage. The scholars completely analysed various challenges that face the three states and the whole region of North-Eastern Asia in the spheres of policy, security, economy, and culture. There is no doubt that the leading scientists from Russia, China and Mongolia revealed at this forum deep understanding of vital problems, and performed new ideas and scientifically based perspectives for North-Eastern Asia.