Лексическая база данных по чадским языкам Лексическая база данных по чадским языкам

Ol`ga Stolbova, Ol`ga Olga, Ol`ga Stolbova, Stolbova Stolbova, Stolbova Olga, Stolbova Stolbova, Ol`ga Stolbova, Ol`ga Olga, Ol`ga Stolbova

Chadic data base. Issue V

Институт востоковедения РАН

Москва, 2019, 208 стр.

Thisissue continues the publication of Chadic Lexical Database. It includes roots with initial velar and postvelar fricatives (*ɣ-, *ɦ-, *ḥ- (> x-), *h- and the glottal stop *ʔ-. Also, on the basis of a special correspondence (see below) and external parallels, the traces of Proto-Chadic *ʕ- were also revealed. In this volume, special attention was paid to external parallels. In the view of the fact that Semitic languages have the richest system of phonemes under discussion, Chadic-Semitic isoglosses are of special value: a Semitic cognate can support a proposed phonological reconstruction or even specify a proto-phoneme whenever Chadic data is not enough for an unambiguous reconstruction. East Cushitic and Egyptian cognates were also sometimes helpful in distinguishing between *ḥ-, * ʕ- and *h-. The present volume includes more than 300 etymologies – proto-Chadic roots and cognates in Afroasiatic languages, mostly – in Semitic, it is designed for comparativists, especially, engaged in Chadic and common Afroasiatic studies.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Лексическая база данных по чадским языкам