Society and State in China : 43rd Scientific Conference. Vol. XLIII, Part 2.

Editor-in-chief: Kobzev Artem
Еditor: Sergej Blyumxen

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2013, 487 p.

Vol. XLIII, Part 2 of the materials of the 43rd scientific conference “Society and State in China” contains the results of recent studies on Chinese history and culture, economy and law, internal and foreign policy of China from antiquity to the present day. This Part consists of the following sections: history and culture; China and Russia; policy, law and economy. This Issue is devoted to the memory of two outstanding sinologists Lev P. Delyusin (16.11.1923 – 22.05.2013), the founder of the conference “Society and State in China”, and Yevgeny. Kychanov (22.06.1932 – 24.05.2013), who for many years had participated in this conference.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Общество и государство в Китае : 43-я научная конференция. Т. XLIII, ч. 2