KVZhD 1929 : Explosion and Echo KVZhD 1929 : Explosion and Echo
KVZhD 1929 : Explosion and Echo KVZhD 1929 : Explosion and Echo

Mixail Kriukov M.V., Vasilij Kriukov V.M.

KVZhD 1929 : Explosion and Echo

Transactions of the Department of China of IOS, RAS ; Issue 24

Editor-in-chief: Artem Kobzev

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2017, 624 pages

ISBN: 978-5-89282-740-9

This book is a continuation of fundamental two-volume book, “Spring and Autumn of Revolutionary Diplomacy: The First Decade of Soviet Politics in China” (Moscow, 2015). It is devoted to the largest in recent history armed Soviet-Chinese conflict that broke out on the Chinese-Eastern Railway (KVZhD) in 1929. The work is based on numerous documents from the archives of Russia, China, Taiwan, USA, England, Japan. It contains a rich number of exclusive illustrations, including maps and photographs. The book provides the most complete and trustworthy to date picture of this fateful event, which remained in many ways still mysterious due to the propaganda fog. Previous researchers preferred not to mention a number of sensitive factors. The authors of this book, as in the previous two volumes, managed to collect an impressive amount of documentary data and draw from them very non-trivial conclusions that scientists and politicians will long study.