Турецкая городская повесть XIX века Турецкая городская повесть XIX века

Anikeeva Tatiana

The Turkish Folk Narratives of the 19th Century

Москва, 2011, 144 p.

The research deals with the Turkish folk narrative form called the hikâye which is a special genre of Turkish folk literature. It existed for a long time mainly in South and East Turkey since the Middle Ages. The hikâye is a prosaic text that includes folk songs and verses sometimes transmitted orally by story-tellers, aşiks. The main peculiarity of this genre is its existence in both oral and written traditions at the same time. The Turkish hikâye is thus a unit of the written and oral tradition. Like Turkish folklore in general, these folk stories consist of many interacting components connected with different cultures: pre-Islamic Turkic tradition of the Oghuz tribes, Persian and Arabic traditions connected with Islam.

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