Vitalij Sheremet

Kutuzov. His Life. His Battles. His Victories. Illustrated Biography

Москва, 2012, 240 p.

This book is published in the Year of Russian History and 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. The work dedicated to M.I. Kutuzov is a unique publication in its content and design. The book gives a complete and absolutely scientific description of the person, genealogy, as well as military, state and diplomatic activities of the great son of Russia, leaving no space to distortion of historical truth. The authors have put together a rich illustrative material from more than fifty museums and archives in Russia and a number of CIS countries and Europe. About 300 of genre paintings, portraits, maps, letters, prescripts, orders, etc. demonstrate life of one of the greatest military commanders.
The book presents a list of Orders of Mikhail I. Kutuzov and is supplied with Summary in English and L’abrégé in French of each chapter. The book is addressed to a wide readership.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Кутузов. Жизнь. Сражения. Победы. Иллюстрированная биография