Efremova Natalya, Ibrahim T.

Sacred History of Koran : Pre-Islamic Antiquities

Москва ; Нижний Новгород , 2012, 568 p.

The book presents a classical Islamic interpretation of sacred history, presented in Koran, Sunna and other aсknowledged sources. “The faith is unique, the laws are different” – according to the Islamic maxima. Unlike the faith or dogmatics, permanent in its basis, the religious law, urged to regulate moral, legal, and ritual branches of the believers’ life, can change from one epoch to another. The Koranic stories form the basis of Islamic historiography. The plots of the Prophets’ life in the Scripture are reproduced as moral and protreptic ones rather than historico-harrative. As a rule, they are repeated in various surahs-chapters with a certain degree of detalization.
The first edition of the book in 1996 was prepared under the leadership of Prof. A.V. Sagadeev, to which memory this book is dedicated.
Addressed to a wide readership this work may serve as a text-book on the disciplines: “His-tory of the Prophets” and “Koranic exegetics”.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Священная история согласно Корану : доисламские древности