Барон Унгерны түүх : үнэнийг дахин сэргээсэн туршилт Барон Унгерны түүх : үнэнийг дахин сэргээсэн туршилт

Kuzmin Sergius

History of Baron Ungern : the Experience of Reconstruction

Editor: Batsaikhan Ookhnoin, A. Efimenko
Translator: Ch. Baasanzhargal

Улан-Батор, 2013, 802 p.

The book is a joint publication of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS, and the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia. On the basis of analysis of materials from archives and museums, literature and special studies, the author has reconstructed the history of the life and activities of Baron R.F. von Ungern-Sternberg (1885 – 1921). He was an anti-Bolshevik (White) General, one of the brightest participants of the Civil War in Transbaikalia, Manchuria and Mongolia, a key figure in the restoration of the independence of the Mongolian state. In this contest, the themes under consideration are: the establishment of the autonomy of Outer Mongolia, Ungern’s childhood and youth, his participation in the Russian-Japanese War and World War I, the formation of the Asian Cavalry Division, pan-Mongolian movement, the liberation of Outer Mongolia from the Chinese occupation, the position of Outer Mongolia after the restoration of autonomy, the Asian Cavalry Division march to Siberia, the revolution and Civil War in Mongolia, the investigation, trial and execution of Ungern, the activities of various anti-Bolshevik (white) groups in Mongolia, the life and activity of the last Great Khan of Mongolia – Bogd Gegen VIII. The author also touches upon such themes as the legends connected with Ungern, his personal qualities, religious and social-political views, relationship with Japan, and geopolitical results of his activities. The book includes still unpublished documents and memoirs. This monograph at this date is the most comprehensive review and analysis of the activities of Baron R.F. Ungern. In comparison with the previous edition, which was published in 2010 in Russian, this Mongolian edition has a number of changes. The information about the battles with the Chinese occupants, as well as about some events in Mongolia in 1921 is refined and enlarged. The book is supplied with some new photos of Baron R.F. Ungern and new information about his relatives from the family archive of the Ungern-Sternbergs. A small section on the history of family of the Ungern-Sternbergs, written especially for this book by Prof. Yu. von Ungern-Sternberg (Basel, Switzerland) is added. The book includes 76 pages of color and black-and-white photo-tables.

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